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Work Services (Prevocational) Program Statement

The BRI Work Services Program is designed to meet the diverse needs of all participants as related to a work environment and to maximize functional ability, independence, vocational potential, and wage earnings. The Work Services Program provides services to persons with moderate to severe disabilities, who have adequate motor and adaptive skills to train for work in a closely supervised, structured setting.


1. To provide a structured work and social environment, adapted to the changing needs of the participant.

2. To train and build upon authentic work experiences promoting basic work habits, appropriate behavior, teamwork, and acceptance of responsibility and supervision to develop the participant's maximum vocational abilities.

3. To provide successful work experiences in a setting that will enhance the participant's quality of life.

4. To open opportunities to learn new skills or to increase existing skills.

5. To prepare the participant for future, more independent placement, if feasible and desired by client.


The Work Services Program is based at Black River Industries, Inc, which is fully accessible. Various components of the program operate throughout Taylor County.


The program is supervised by the Production Manager, with the Facilities and Food Services Industries Supervisors, and a trained staff of leads and competitive employees.


The Work Services Program is designed for the participant to receive specific prevocational and social training. A broad functional assessment of the participants strengths and needs is available. Areas of support may include communications and daily living skills, personal care, recreation and leisure skills, participation that leads toward increased community involvement and behavior management. At least two direct service staff supervise the first 15 participants of this program. The actual ratio of staff to participants reflects the specific needs of the total number of participants being served. In the Work Services Program, participants can choose from an array of employment opportunities including:

* Production Department: offers training and employment in the assembly and packaging of subcontracted industrial products. Other types of work available in this department include document shredding, vinyl cutting, recycling, commercial sewing, and collating.

* Food Services Industries: offers training and employment in the areas of food preparation and commercial dishwashing. This department prepares over 40,000 meals a year for senior centers, the meals-on-wheels program, day care centers, catered events, and for our own hot lunch program.

* Custodial Services: offers training and employment in basic janitorial skills, floor care, carpet cleaning, etc. Our custodial crews maintain our own building as well as two armories.

* RAM (Rest Area Maintenance) Program: offers training and employment to maintain the buildings and grounds of four waysides.

* Lawn Services: offers training and employment to provide lawn care for commercial and residential customers.

This, together with earned income, and a goal-oriented work-training environment strives to enhance self-esteem and independence. The initial six-months is typically set up as a period of observation to establish individual strengths and needs and make placement recommendations. A program review and follow-up is provided on a six-month basis or, more frequently, as indicated. Transportation is also offered to facilitate each client's individualized needs.


The program serves persons with disabilities who are referred by a sponsoring agency, organization or County Case Manager.


Production Dept, Food Service Industries, Custodial & Lawn Services: Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. (Excluding holidays)

RAM: Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 4:00PM (April - November only)

(Excluding holidays)


Referrals must be authorized by the Developmental Disabilities Coordinator, Taylor County Human Services Department (715) 748-3332, or by the appropriate County Coordinator for all other counties. Referral information by the sponsoring agency, organization, or County Case Manager should be submitted to a Program Manager of Black River Industries, Inc. (715) 748-2950.