Black River Industries, Inc.

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Medford, WI 54451
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What Can Our Mailing Services Do For You?

Our full-service mail processing capabilities allow us to provide the speed, productivity and reliability in order to meet your mailing requirements. We have a full compliment of processes, procedures, people and equipment that allow us to process your mailing efficiently. From folding/inserting, and metering of first class mail, we are capable of handling your mailing needs.

We can offer:

  • Digital Postal Meter
  • Collating & Folding
  • Control Postage Costs


We have ways that we can save on postage costs for your mailings. For example, you are sending out a brochure or newsletter and are sending 200 pieces, you would have the following savings:

 Example of a 200 piece mailing:

Standard Postage = $98.00

Bulk Rate Postage = $61.80 (estimated - actual is based on weight and zip codes)

Postage Savings = $36.20

Our experience and dedicated employees combined with our automated postage equipment allow us to process your mailing in an efficient manner, allowing you to reach a greater amount of people in a shorter amount of time.

Along with postage savings, we offer competitive collating rates. Please call for a free quote.