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Supported Employment Program Statement

The Black River Industries, Inc. (BRI) Supported Employment Program coordinates access to competitive vocational opportunities for eligible individuals with disabilities (participants). The program's purpose is to integrate participants into community employment in an effort to increase social and financial independence.


1. Conduct assessments of interests, personality traits, and skills to assist with obtaining and maintaining competitive employment that is suitable to the participant.

2. Provide job development to obtain employment.

3. Develop and implement an individualized training plan to assist with gaining and maintaining competitive employment.

4. Provide on-the-job training that may include job coaching, and monitor performance to assist the participant to maintain competitive employment.


Services are offered on site at Black River Industries, on site at the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, on site at other organizations that facilitate job procurement, and at potential employment sites.


Services promote participant choice, are based on participant's needs, and are provided on a one-to-one basis by trained staff.


Services are individualized and participant-driven based on each unique case, and may include some or all of the following components:

Assessment- The Wide Range Interest and Occupation Test Second Edition (WRIOT 2) is administered to identify a broad list of interests for the participants. The Color Quiz is performed to assist the participant to understand how his or her personality affects his or her routine, relationships, learning style, view of authority as well as other aspects of his or her life. Work skills are assessed by task performance in work situations at BRI and/or in the community. Other assessment tools are available for use based on the needs of the participant. Assessment results are used to assist with establishing employment goals and measuring progress.

Training- Core skills required to perform a given job are identified and reviewed to develop an individualized training plan. Measurable goals will be determined and results documented to increase the participants confidence and independence. Assistance with resume writing, completing applications, and practicing interview skills will be offered.

Support Services- Job development is implemented to assist participants to gain competitive employment that benefits both the participant and the employer. Job interest, skill level, work environment, and transportation are among several factors that are considered when providing job placement. Job coaching may be provided for additional training, support, as well as assistance with setting up natural supports in the work site. The participant’s success in the work site will be monitored, with support or retraining provided as needed.

Follow-Up- Participants successfully placed in competitive employment are periodically monitored for a specified length of time. Job coaching may be available to provide additional training during this time.


Eligible participants are those who are interested in gaining employment in the community.


Five (5) days a week (Monday-Friday) as activity dictates. Services will normally be provided between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM, though will be flexible as necessary. Weekend service is also available as necessary.


Referrals must be authorized by Human Service Agencies, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, or Workman's Compensation of Issuing Insurance Company. Referral information should be submitted to the Supported Employment Manager at Black River Industries, Inc. (715) 748-2950.